Craftsmanship is in our blood. This passion is reflected in our products and in their functionality, quality, safety and design.

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We devote constant attention to innovation. We see it as a continuous process. It is part of the way we approach our field and an integral part of our history.

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We are a design-driven company. Design is the catalyst. That is why designers enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with them. We challenge one another, question one another, stimulate one another in an effort to arrive at something even better, more attractive and functional.

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Whether it is wood, aluminium, light or glass - you’ll know immediately if the product came from the hands of one of our employees.

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Products in standard sizes are always available from stock, which means delivery within 7 days! Custom-made items are delivered in about four weeks, whether it concerns a few or a few hundred pieces.

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If you place an order it goes without saying that you will want it delivered as soon as possible. Our entire order and production process is geared towards exactly that.

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Vermeer Is Coming Home
Now, after 320 years, this unique, sublime work returns to Delft. On loan from the Rijksmuseum, museum Prinsenhof shows the painting near the locations where it all took place

Vermeer Finds His World

Climate controlled display cases

Lets imagine you have a wonderful, but vulnerable collection hidden deep inside your depot. Would'n't it be nice if the public is able to enjoy these special exhibits.

From this moment sdb International can supply you with the ultimate solution. We introduce the standard (RH) climate controlled display case.

This showcase is equipped with a climate system of the renowned company MiniClima from Austria.

With this system it is possible to humidify and dehumidify the climate inside the display case to create a very stable (rh) environment inside the showcase.

Climate controlled